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The MTHR Project is a groundbreaking socioeconomic development initiative that aims to revolutionize personal finance by leveraging decentralized technologies and enterprise models. Its ultimate goal is to establish a financial system that is more inclusive, transparent, and sustainable, creating equitable benefits for all stakeholders involved.


In 2017, a team of research scholars in Applied Social Theory collaborated to explore and reimagine modern society through the lens of blockchain technology. Their aim was to discover solutions that could lead to a more equitable, efficient, effective, and stable society. However, the radical potential they discovered exceeded expectations.

So they architected a new and improved socioeconomic infrastructure around a novel blockchain ecosystem with a new model for decentralized enterprise— The MTHR Project.

In simple terms, The MTHR Project is a gentle-birth plan for the inevitable disruption of a radical new technology with significant developmental potential, societal implications, and the capacity for tremendous social benefits if deliberately implemented. It aims to facilitate a smooth and gradual transition toward this new era of radical innovation. And to establish a new method of social economy that is inclusive, transparent, and sustainable, with equitable benefits for all stakeholders.

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Why The MTHR Project?

Because we believe that mankind can do better. And be better. Think about it…

We put a man on the moon→ but 22,000 children suffer and die each day due to simple poverty. And 5 million kids die every year from easily preventable diseases.

We build $Billion dollar skyscrapers and $Trillion dollar military jets→ yet almost 10% of the world’s population is living on less than $1.90 a day.

We can harness the unbelievable power of atomic energy→ yet 1 in 3 people still don’t have simple access to safe drinking water.

Welcome to the great paradox of our time— a small moment in history wherein our potential exceeds our performance in terms of human progress.

For the first time in all of human history we have all the technology and resources necessary to solve all of these problems— to move out of surviving and into thriving. We finally have all the tools and knowledge necessary to create a truly utopian world and the growing collective will to do so. So that the only thing that stands between us and our highest good now— is the catalyst for change.

MTHR is that catalyst.

A community effort.

At its core, The MTHR Project is a community endeavor. We're not investors. And we're not a large nonprofit or institution with an endowment fund. But that's what makes this project even more important.

You see, throughout history, significant societal change has been top, down— Kings make decisions and the effects trickle down. Or it has required a bloody revolution. But new technology changes this. Now it's possible for the collective to decide on change— that trickles up. Without war or blood spilled. But the collective must decide that they WANT change. And they must come together to enact it...

Read more about why MTHR is necessary, HERE. And JOIN our community by joining our newsletter.

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